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Why should I clean my crystals?

Why is it important to clean your crystals?

Many of us use crystals to soothe our mind, body and soul. Like all things, crystals are matter and have energy. There are vibrations that come from them and aide us in different ways. When they get "dirty" the vibrations can become dull therefore decreasing the benefits of these precious stones. Our crystals come from all different parts of the world and may pass through many hands before they reach us, picking up different energies along the way.

Many of us use crystals for healing and therefore allow crystals to absorb energies or redirect an energy, thus making clean and pure crystals extremely important. Working with crystals in their natural state is the best way to see results in these practices. Regular cleaning and recharging is how we bring them to this natural state.

My Favorite Cleansing Methods

  1. Running Water - is said to neutralize any negative energy stored in the stone and return it back to earth. Natural spring water is best, but running water from the faucet for approximately one minute will work just fine. Not all stones are safe to run under water. See list here.

  2. Saltwater - will absorb negative energy and is said to banish negativity. Once again ocean water is best but mixing your own will do just as well (1 Tbs in a cereal bowl - soak for 2 - 48 hours). Careful to only use this method with crystals suitable for water cleansing.

  3. Pink Himalayan Salt - I have a crystal bowl that is very special to me, full of pink Himalayan salt that I place my necklaces in whenever I take them off. I leave them there until I wear them next. This a practice I use to purify my pieces.

4. Sage -is a sacred plant with many healing properties. Smudging is a great practice for cleansing your environment as well. I tend to sage my art studio before I start large or challenging projects. Smudging is said to clean inharmonious vibrations and restore the natural energy of the crystal.

5. Use another crystal - such as clear quartz or my favorite, selenite. Place the crystals you want to cleanse on top of the selenite. Selenite never needs to be cleansed, the vibrations from it remove the inharmonious energies from the smaller crystal. This method is safe for any crystal and duration is approximately 24 hours.

6. Moonlight - Place your crystals in the light of a full moon. It is ok to put them in a window or outside, whatever you are more comfortable with. If possible place them on a natural surface, stone, wood, grass to help support the process of with grounding energy. The light of the full moon will not only cleanse but charge your crystals. You can leave them for a few hours but ideally overnight is best.

Q: How often do I cleanse? collects.

A: The more you use a crystal the more energy it. I would suggest once a month. If you have trouble remembering, use the moon to remind you!

Q: What is the best method?

A: Whatever feels best for you. They are yours after all and there is no way that is right or wrong, these are just suggestions,

Q: How do I know it is cleansed?

A: You should feel an energy from the crystal when it has been cleansed. It should also feel lighter to the touch.

Q: What do I do with my crystals after I cleanse them?

A: Place them in areas that align with your intentions. Otherwise, near sunlight (if safe for sun) or near plants to absorb positive energies

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